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Individual Courses

Individuální výuka

Studying individually is the most flexible way to learn a foreign language.
For many people it is also the most efficient way.

The course will be adapted to your needs, time possibilities and goals.

It can be meant just for you or your child (1 person).
But you might wish to learn together with another person/s (colleague/s, friend/s, classmate/s).
Usually there are 1-3 persons in an individual course (pairs or mini-groups are more typical for young learners).

7 Reasons for Choosing an Individual Course

  1. The most flexible mode of study.
  2. You can study also a language that is not on the list of public/open courses.
  3. Upon agreement with your teacher you decide about the frequency and duration of your lessons.
  4. You choose the place of study: at home, at your workplace, at our language school.
  5. We will do our best to find a teacher according to your preferences.
  6. With your teacher you can focus on what you need the most:
    Our teachers are qualified to teach all levels from beginners to very advanced students, general/business/technical language, general/conversational courses, etc.
  7. Also the pace and style of learning will be tailored to your needs and preferences.

Price List

Choose the number of lessons (a lesson package) you wish to pre-pay.

Basic unit: one lesson lasting 45 minutes.
Actual lessons usually last: 45 or 60 or 90 minutes.

Price per lesson decreases if you decide to pre-pay more lessons.

If there is more than 1 person in a course, costs are shared.

Number of lessons
(45 min)
(45 min)
Number of lessons
(60 min)
(60 min)
103.700 CZK370 CZK7,5492 CZK
207.000 CZK350 CZK15466 CZK
3010.200 CZK340 CZK22,5452 CZK

Languages Offered

Tell us the language you wish to study, we will find for you the right teacher!

Languages are clients choose most frequently: English, German, Czech for Foreigners.